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Calistia ryder was just a normal, run of the mill girl from greater london, uk. she

worked in a library at weekends, and did a voluntary job helping the blind during the

week. when one mid-winter evening, a local drug dealer spotted her walking home down a dank, sewer smelling alley

, he stopped her to talk. s'cuse me, but i seem to have lost my phone, do you have a cell i could use


Infinity in all her glory


Being the kind , compassionate girl calistia was, she didnt think twice, and handed him her phone. will only be a moment the drug dealer replied, and walked just far enough away from her so she was out of earshot. he tapped in a number , and spoke quietly to someone on the other end. got one he said, smirking with an evil passion. he handed the phone back, as she stood in the alley, smiling uncomfotably. thank you he said and just stood where he was, staring at her, unblinking. unsure what to make of the creep, she put the phone back into her bag, and quickly walked off down the alley towards home.

as she headed towards the end of the alley, a car appeared in front of her, blocking her route, and crept towards her - headlights blinding her. she shuffled backwards, unable to make out who was in the driver seat. the car lurched now towards her, revving furiously. as quickly as she could, she turned, and started running back down The alley as the car came speeding up behind her. blood was pumping at her temples, sweat was dripping off her into the cold night air - calistia suddenly stopped ridgidly as infront of her, at the other end of the alley, she spotted 3 black shadows coming towards her.

Unsure what to do she took out a can of mace from her bag and stammered ill...i.ill use it i will! she aimed the mace at what she could now make out were 3 masked men ... then everything went dark as she felt the grip of hands around her neck - her screams were muffled by the sack that was covering her head. the 4 men took hold of calistia, and threw her into the back of the car, slammed the door and drove off.

back at their run-down, old house, the men got out the car, and dragged poor calistia up the front porch, nocked on the door, waited for it to open, and pushed her into the house. unable to see anything, she closed her eyes and prayed as the drug dealer and his goons tied her to a chair. as she prayed to god for help, a goon with a knife cut the sack from her head and stood in front of her. hmm, your a pretty one aint'cha? he said in a dry, horse voice. he grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head side to side , looking her up and down.

get your filthy mitts off me! she wailed. calistia screamed for help, he replied only with a laugh. the drug dealer turned to calistia , and said. dont worry, your not gonna be hurt... we hope. we are gonna try a new drug on you, one that no one here is brave enough to take, untill we see an example of how it works, anyway. he rolled his sleeves up, took out a suringe from a case and squirted a little into the air. its called number one. the boss aquired some from his scientist contact this afternoon.

he grabbed calistia's head, pulled it back and jammed the needle into her neck and injected her. calistia felt a numbing cold, starting in her shoulder, it quickly crept across her body. she listened to the goon talk to her but she could'nt make out what he was saying as he appeared to be talking very slowly as if he was talking in slow motion. the feeling went from chilly to deathly cold as she fell into a pit of darkness. as calistia's body went limp, the goons just stared at her. suddenly, there was a banging at the door. much harder then the drug dealer liked. crap, boys its the cops! hide her! he barked as he went to look out the side window. the drug dealer peeked out the window to see 2 policemen standing at the door. he ran back to the backroom , and said hide her NOW. looking franticlly round the room he looked for a place to put calistia. there the freezer, dump her in that! . the goons nodded, and went up to her, cutting the ropes from her hands. they picked her up and threw her in the freezer, slamming the lid back down on it and covered it over with a blanket.

The drug dealer went back to the front door and opened it. excuse me one of the cops said but we have been made aware of someone screaming, apparently coming from this house. can we come in ? of course the drug dealer said and pointed into his house. The police went from room to room, looking for signs of any kind of situation. They entered the back room, took one look around and said to the men seems there is

nothing going on here, ok have a good night and with that, they left. One of the goons went to the door , double locked it, let out a sigh of relief , and went back into the back room where the others were waiting. That was close one of the goons said to the dealer. Right, get he girl out of the freezer, and tie her back up, so the goon opened the lid, reached in, and as he grabbed calistia, his fingers started to freeze. OH MY GOD! the goon cried, as the ice travelled from his fingers , up his arm, over his chest, and spread over him like a blanket. all that was left unfrozen was his right shoulder, and head. Help! he cried frantically.

All of a sudden the unconsious calistia took in a deep breath, as if waking up from a nightmare. she breathed heavly for a second, then looked up at the frost-covered arm connected to her. she lifted her hand and grabbed the arm. As she did, it broke off at the shoulder. What the hell is going on? calistia thought. she flung the arm at the ice coated goon and with less effort then she expected she rose from her icy bed. The men in the room were shouting at calistia, unsure of what to make of the situation. calistia's hand began to tingle, so rising her hand so she could look at it more closely, it started glowing bright blue. little droplets of water dripped from her palm, as it shined, brighter then the sun. seeing this, the drug dealer shouted to one of the goons, get the bat, and put her down, now! Doing what he was ordered, the goon picked up a baseball bat, and swung it at her. She put her hand up to stop the bat, and caught the buisness end with her right hand. instantly, the bad started to frost up, and it was covered in seconds, with a thick layer of ice.

watching in awelike terror, the goon tried to drop the bat, but it was too late - the frost had started to cover his hand. The drug dealer pulled out a gun and aimed it at calistia. with a cry of anger, he fired at her, once, twice, three, for, five times, but it was in vein. the bullets just bounced off calistia, bouncing off the floor.

a ball of blue light started to form in the palm of her hand, and as this was happening a cold numbing tingling sensation was shooting up her arm. afraid of what this totally weird thing was she aimed her hand away from her as far as possible, and whoosh! a beam of blue light shot at the wall. after calistia opened her eyes she saw a patch of circular shaped ice attached to the wall. calistia couldent believe what was going on is this a trip? she said confused. while she was contemplating the situation, the dealer reloaded his gun and aimed it at her again. as he did, she aimed her hand at him, and focused all of her anger at the drugdealer. as before, a ball of blue light charged in her hand, and smack! -- she let out a frost beam right at him. encased in ice, the two men were frozen solid. the last goon who watched the whole event take place looked at calistia, one last time then took off running out the room. Slam! the front door closed and the goon was gone. Calistia, totally confused, wondered what to make of the situation. she walked past the drug dealer to a table with the case of number one on it. she opened the case, along with 4 vials of blue shimmering.quid, was a document . she read the heading


now she knew where this evil drug was created she decided she was going to make the developers of this horrible drug stop what they were making before anyone else gets infected with whatever disease had infected her.




Ice Beam - [a glowing ball of blue light charges in her hands , and can be fired as a beam

ice touch [anything she wants to turn to ice she can by touching it]

Flight [she can fly]

ice road [she creates a road of ice under her feet that she can slide along.]


to find the makers and distributors of number one and stop them, and destroy all that is left in production. Also, to find the goon that got away, and stop him, by whatever means needed


name : Infinity

real name: calistia ryder

age: 26

eye colour : was brown, but now after the incident, they are aqua blue

hair colour: dark brown

location: metropolis

occupation librarian

born: london